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Need a professional writer?


Writing is the link that connects you to your clients.

The words you use to represent your business to your audience need to be the best that they can be. There is no room for vagueness or meaningless filler in the crowded world of online writing. Each sentence needs to count. Yours needs to be the message that cuts through the noise and stays with the reader.

I specialize in creating blog posts, website content, ebooks and email sequences tailored to your unique audience. Copy written by me is professional, connects with readers and builds trust and loyalty.


Website copy

You have only a matter of seconds to impress a visitor to your website. Most will just scan the first two or three paragraphs and make an instant decision about whether or not to leave.

Well written content captures audience attention straightaway, in those first few crucial seconds. It is clear, focused and engaging. It builds excitement and prompts the reader to act.

If you need top quality writing that persuades people to stay, contact me to discuss how I can help you.


Blog posts

Blog posts are a smart addition to a website. Google’s rankings algorithm looks for websites that have content added regularly.

By maintaining a good blog you will improve your position in searches. You will also start to build a loyal following of those interested in your product or ethos. It is your chance to really connect with your audience and let them get to know you. Properly done, a blog inspires trust and affinity.

Blog content needs to be relevant, well-researched and interesting. A great blog post will be linked to and shared again and again throughout social media platforms so it pays to put some effort into producing good, regular posts.



Too many ebooks contain large amounts of filler and waffle with very little real, new or useful information.

To make your reader feel as though they’ve had great value for money you need to produce an excellent product filled with the detail that they’re looking for.

Ebooks should be immaculately laid out, easy to follow and full of information and detail. They should have good summaries and useful bullet point action lists. They should also be geared towards promotion of your brand, without pushing it too obviously.

Finally they should have a clear call to action, steering the reader in the direction you want to take them.


Email newsletters

An email list is one of the best marketing tools around. The people on the list already have an interest in you and your brand and have chosen to receive updates from you. Don’t let them down with boring, insubstantial newsletters.

They’ve voluntarily signed up with you – they deserve to feel they’re getting something extra in the newsletter. This is your chance to really connect with your followers and keep them engaged in your story.

Fill your newsletter with the things that will interest and captivate them. Make sure it’s sent out regularly; however often you choose to send it, keep to your schedule.