I’m Claire Jones, welcome. If you’d like to know a little about me…

I have a law degree, but left my legal career to work as a freelance writer. Despite a good job with a top law firm, all anyone ever wants to know when they see my cv is, what was it like working in a casino? Yes, I used to be a croupier. And no, it wasn’t exactly like in the Bond movies. The villains were grubbier, the good guys weren’t quite as cool and there weren’t as many diamonds. But the croupiers? Oh the croupiers were just as good.

Now I’m a writer helping businesses to tell their stories and create a solid following. My legal background means I am able to rework large amounts of data into clear and concise language.

My research is meticulous and content written by me motivates and inspires. By educating the reader, building excitement and prompting them to act I create a buzz and a solid following for the brands I work for.