I’m a freelance writer based in the southwest UK.

I have a law degree with honours but left my legal career to work as a writer. Despite a good job with a top law firm, all anyone ever wants to know when they see my résumé is, what was it like working in a casino? Yes, I used to be a croupier. And no, it wasn’t exactly like in the Bond movies. The villains were grubbier, the good guys weren’t quite as cool and there weren’t as many diamonds. But the croupiers? Oh the croupiers were just as good.

Now I’m a writer helping businesses and publications tell their stories and create a solid following. My legal background means my research is meticulous and my writing is clear, concise and engaging. I can help you appeal to your clients by identifying their problems and offering your services or products to solve them.

I write website content, including for a leading legal services firm, helping them to top Google rankings, and I write and edit ebooks.

I also write for magazines, recently writing a monthly column and a year-long series of interviews with artists.

I have learnt that the secret to engaging your audience is connecting with them to the extent that your story pops into their head again during their day. If you keep them returning to your platform by providing fresh and interesting content you will gain their loyalty and trust.

If I can help you by providing top quality content, leaving you free to concentrate on running your business, email me at clairejones323 [at] gmail [dot] com or fill in the form on the Contact page.